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Call " Lorenzo" (aka Larry Chiang) if you wanna annoy the host 650-283-8008

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Media Partners:

Business Week
Penguin Group
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LA Weekly


Visit the Web2Expo Birds of a Feather Session Thursday @8pm hosted by LChiang called Asse9






The AFTERparty at Web 2.0 Expo #w2e #Asse9
Wed night, April Fools Day, 2009
in TechCrunch, 3-31-09

Theme: Asse9 on April Fools.
You'd be Foolish Not To Come

Asse9 = "Austin Secret Society of Entrepreneurs 9". It's a secret society of entrepreneurs and all you need to know is that we are fun and we like to party. Twitter Search #Asse9

Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs... its powerful stuff.

Avoid foolishness by:
1) Planning to promo your start-up here
2) You don't need a badge but significant preference will be given to Web 2.0 Expo attendees.
3) Come ready to pitch as VCs will be in attendance. Or will appear if you don't suck.
4) Come ready to pitch press. I think that pretty boy that blogs at Business Week will be there.
5) Karma. For entrepreneurs, it can be tracked measured and channeled.

Email or text message the party's secretary, Larry Chiang ( /650-283-8008)
include your cell in the subject line. He likes after-Parties a lot

FOR example, the email subject line, "web2Expo / John Smith / Founder / / 650-283-8008

RSVP here and get a text confirmation at

Start time is after the Ignite Party and Launch 2.0 Party or 11pm whichever comes later. For those that were spoon fed at GSB (the original GSB @U of Chicago), it works like this: if Launch 2.0 ends at 11:45... the after party starts at 11:46pm :-)

P.S. Crashing will be frowned upon and blogged about
P.P.S. If a VC is less than friendly or if you meet a 'Conference Donkey', tell me and I'll make 'em famous. Google "Conference Donkey" for giggles.

: Very near Messanine, where Ignite Party and Club Six, where Launch 2.0 Party . Location details will be text messaged to attendees.
: Web 2.0 Expo attendees and some guests
Co-hosts: Brian Solis (Future-Works), Jeanine LeFlore (LiveHit), Alexia Tsotsis (LA Weekly), Janet Zhou (Blue Run Ventures), Andrew Hyde (TechStars), Bryan Chao (Canaan VC), Marie Williams (Shift), Terry Chay (Lunch 2.0), Larry Chiang* and more
When: Wed* @11:00 p.m*. Location to be text messaged @10:45 p.m.
What: The AfterParty. It starts after the party or 11:00pm whichever comes LATER
Theme: Prohab, rest and recouperate
*Note: The AfterParty starts after the party so if the party at Ignite is still going..., the afterParty won't start

There will be three entry points
(1) -No Wait- Badged Web 2.0 Expo people who text messaged in their FULL name to "650-566-9600". One person per text message.
In lieu of a text message confirm, you can wear the afterparty sticker on your badge.

(2) -Line- We need to confirm and didn't text message in THEMSELVES.

(3) -Waitlist- People who did NOT attend Web 2.0 Expo and did not text message in.

If you're too drunk to READ, CALL the guest list secretary at 650-283-8008. Party updates, location and forecast of waitlist is at

* (plus a secret celebrity co-host)

Entrepreneur tip #88.
Take two down the aisle. If someone changes your deal, read, "the Art of Changing the Deal" and complain smart

{Pool Party} CoHosted by Alexia (LA Weekly) and Larry Chiang