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(based on my mentor's, Mark McCormack's, teachings. He wrote, "What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School

9 Things Stanford B-School Won' t Teach You


8 Tips On How To Get Mentored

How to Charm a VC You Don't Know to Mentor You

5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Getting Mentored


How to Work the Room

Networking: How to Work a Twitter Party

Nerds' Hack for Valentine's Day: 10 Ways to SGFM /valentines-day/

How to Work the Room 3.0

Getting "Man-Charm": How to Work The Room 4.0 /howtoworktheroom/

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How to Turn Your Revenues Up As Economy Goes Down

Wooing People to Yes

9 Techniques For Closing a Deal via Voicemail -tools-to-close-a-deal-via -voicemail/

March Madness: Get Your Startup Out of Pre-Revenue!

8 Deadly Promotion Pitfalls


8 Things Sarah Lacy Could Learn From Founders She Covers

9 People You Meet at Y-Combinator

Web 2.0 Celebrity Missteps: How not to work the room /web-20-celebrity-missteps-now -not-to-work-the-room/

Nine Signs of a One Hit Wonder


St. Pat's Day 24-7-365: 12 Steps to Finding Founder's Gold /st-pats-day-special-12-steps -to-finding-founders-gold/

Hack Your Credit Rating -rating/

How to Build Good Credit for Your Business -your-business/

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9 VCs You're Gonna Want to Avoid